March 2016 - Video Live - Fantasy

Fantasy from my 2015 album "Smoke And Mirrors". Originally recorded some 25 years or more, ago, at Cavalier Studios Manchester with Duncan Collier on piano. Now stripped back to bare bones using a Lowden o32 guitar. 1 more song to post, then, I'm done for a while.

March 2016 - Video Live - How Can You Love Me

How Can You Love Me, live reworking, from my 2012 album "Trojan Horse" using Lowden o32 acoustic guitar.

March 2016 - Video Live - Love Me Now

A reworked acoustic version of the song Love Me Now from my album "Smoke And Mirrors" Again, on the o32 Lowden.

March 2016 - Video Live - Friendly Fire

Live video of "Friendly Fire" from my album Trojan Horse. Subject of this song was the youngest British soldier (who I knew briefly), killed in the 1st Gulf War.

November 2015 - New Website Now Live

The new official website for Paul Sheppard is now live showcasing all albums, latest news and track samples by Paul Sheppard.
Website Development - GillGraphics

November 2015 - New Music Video - I.E.D

I.E.D the song accompanying this video is taken from my 2015 album "Smoke And Mirrors."
Available to download on Bandcamp, Amazon and other music download sites

Video Production - Jack Eaton
Video Consultant - Paul Gill (GillGraphics)

October 2015 - Radio Interview -

Phoenix Radio Full Interview...Listen Here

In October 2015 Paul Sheppard went to the Phoenix Radio to talk about his latest album 'Smoke & Mirrors', his journey into music and future plans ahead.
You can listen to the full interview above via the audio track.